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Mark Lindsay Photography

Point Betsie Calls

Point Betsie Calls

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I picked up a camera and wanted to take a picture. I still study and learn and am still so moved by light and color.  One day I observed and noted that the first and last light seem to cast the longest shadows. Coffee always calls before the light of the new day begins. Aromatic and deep wafting nips and nutty and faint whiffs pull me up and out of the soft and snug warm layers of the night. It’s winter here and every part of my being knows I need the lakeshore.  Point Betsie calls.  I find Her frozen, it’s the first freeze and first sign of ice this season. I find myself excited and warm. The dainty and delicate lilac bushes have long since gone dormant.  I patiently waited for winter’s first big arctic blow. It’s only cold here on the outside. I fall here every time.
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