Blessed in Beauty

 I grew up in a 'hundred acre wood' in northern Michigan.  It was my playground, it was my teacher. I learned to appreciate every special place, moment and movement of the natural world. 

It humbled me and I have forever longed to share what I have seen and continue to search for. From the very first photo I took as a teenager, I knew the camera would be my path.

The shoreline and water that fills this great lake, always invites and draws me nearer.  Having been born in the sign of water…dreamy and artistic and somewhat empathetic and naturally otherworldly, are words that have been used to describe me.  I’ve always been one to immerse myself in the beauty that surrounds.

My Nikon seems to fit like a glove, strap double wrapped around my writer and index finger ready to fire when the light and timing is right.  Blessed in all this beauty…