Life is Merely a Whisper

My camera seems to wait patiently. I am sure it knows when I am ready to wander and trust it will be right by my side. At some point I realized the light I was chasing, also was chasing me.

I breathe in all the beauty and it fills my body. Nature always seems to renew and replenish.  Imagine a beauty that not only surrounds, but truly includes. My camera and I wander when I need to unplug and unwind and be moved and influenced by nothing but Nature. It's peaceful and calming. I wander when I know I need mental reallocation and need to shift the busyness of Life to chasing and reading the right light and framing up my next shot. It's personal and I would like for you to experience a part of me rarely shared.

I want to share with you the me that lives and loves to walk through knee deep snow, seeking out just the right tree. I want you to hear how I see, just from me. The picture becomes an after effect and a consequence of why I must go.  Breathe along with me and meander through my images escaping and enjoying every sip. Often when I walk into the woods, it feels as if I'm walking Home. Life is merely a whisper.   ~Mark Lindsay