Follow the Customer Journey

We wanted to have you follow a customer journey and see how amazing it is.  Everything we make is expertly done one-at-a-time.

Our customer saw the Fly Away Butterfly case and ordered it...she has just had her nails done with little butterflies on the end

We started on the order and the phone art case was made in 2 days and shipped in 3!  Making products this way is better for the environment as we don't overproduce...nothing ends up in landfills.

After a long day at work and then re-arranging her apartment for the most 'Zen' feel, the delivery arrived from our California facility.

Here's what it looked like outside of the package. Colorful, bright and detailed...the butterfly looks stunning!

...and then it just clicked right on the iPhone and looked fantastic...and another super happy customer!  

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