Crayons in My Pocket

Crayons in My Pocket

Lake Michigan dressed up tonight, a placid sapphire, all in tranquil blue. From top to bottom she donned Her finest duds. Her gift tonight is a soothing balm, an elixir of sorts with a tender touch for the wandering and weary soul.

Her smooth and breathtaking waters mirrored the sky tonight.

The sun was a fiery orb and offered a glorious  farewell to the day.

I watched the colors blend and mingle, a melding and a mixing of oranges and yellows and pinks. The colors danced and swirled, scarlet and amber and fuchsia, and a symphonic and miraculous mix and melody of  light. The nearer island is a dark silhouette, a quiet witness to all this wonder. With deep gratitude and grace for this gift, it’s here I weep. Silent and serene, humbly I am grateful tonight. This big and greatest lake quietly gasps and burbles as She meets and softly kisses the shore. Blessed in all this beauty, it’s here I grow.  A magnificence of delight.

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